Our bedrooms

“All‘ombra del Pero” is offering you five characteristic double rooms, one different from the other, respecting the original architectural structure of the house and in this way will meet your desires.

All the rooms are for non-smokers only, each one has its own bathroom with shower, and the windows are having fly-screens.

INGalbicocca A sunny room which is inspired by the characteristic colour shades of the fruit whose name it has. From the window you glance on the garden and on the well of desires. The entrance of the room is directly from the garden. A large and comfortable bathroom charcterizes the apricot room. Living area ca. 22mq.
INGuva This room some guests are defining the “honey moon” room. It is tiny but with a direct access to the great garden and has view on the Monviso. A nice little terrace offers the possibility on summer evenings to spend a romantic moment tasting one of the wines of our wine cellar. The bathroom is essential with shower and has air exhaust. Living area ca. 18,5 mq.
INGciliegia The room is situated in the inside of the house on the first floor with glance on the entrance garden. There is a high beam ceiling and a roof light, from where the romantic moonlight filters in. A large bathroom and a very comfortable shower are characterizing the cherry room. Living area ca. 22 mq.
INGfico This is the largest room of our house, with a comfortable sofa which can also be tranformed into an additional bed. The high beam ceiling, the particulary relieving color and the possibility to observe the stars through the roof lights will make your bed rest especially relaxing. The access to the fig room is from the inside of the hotel on the first floor. Living area ca. 25 mq.
INGnocciola A warm and comfortable room with the possibility of a cosy armchair which invites to relax or which can also be transformed into an additional bed. The bathroom has a comfortable shower and the exchange of the air is ensured by an air exhaust. Living area ca. 23 mq.