Each photography is always representing to the photographer the sensation of a special moment, which he enjoys reviewing again and remembering that particular moment.

The sequences of the photographs will be changed frequently, in order to open a window on the Pear Tree and to offer to the visitors of this web site pictures, maybe from seasons that might be different from the ones he might have lived during his own stay in this place.

We thank our guests for their precious contribution.


Since May 2014 there is a pool in our garden. It has been built in a position to make you relax glancing at the beautiful panorama. And he also offers refreshmet in the summer.


These beautiful creatures are part of these marvellous places. They are flowering these days, in unconceivable places. For enthusiats of these flowers, it is a great joy to go and try to find always new species. The below photographs have been shot by our guest during his stay in our house last week (beginning of May 2013).