At allā€™ombra del Pero you will find:

  • Ample common spaces, where to rest and to relax, when outside the weather is chilly.
  • A comprehensiveĀ mulit-language library, with particular emphasis on local writers, such as Beppe Fenoglio, Cesare Pavese and Davide Lajolo.
  • A beautiful Schiedmayer piano of the twenties for those who enjoy playing the piano.
  • An arched antique room dedicated to the tasting of wine and other delicacies typical of the area.
  • Rooms for conversation, a corner for bridge enthusiasts, for chess players and other social games.


Above all, in the warmer season you will enjoy the gazebo and the large garden with the panoramic swimming pool, and your views will stretch to the horizon and beyond. A drink or a glass of wine in this enchanting environment will lift your spirits and free your thoughts.